Most Deserved Spanking of the Week

These last two weeks, Lindsay Lohan has been up to no good, AGAIN. All the other girls in Hollywood have been behaving. Why can't she?? Another round of spanking is needed for her for this week and many, many, many weeks to come!

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is breast cancer awareness month as basically anyone who hasn't been living under a rock knows.

So I'm going to give some advice to those who care to listen:


Look at them in the mirror, feel them all over in your hands, raise your hands above your hand and feel the tops and the part around yours arms, grope your breasts in all fashions...

It is the easiest and best way to know your breasts. When you do your exams monthly, you will notice if something is different easier than if you only get them examined once a year at your annual doctor visit.

I love to exam my breasts. It is erotic and sends tingles all over my body. I love to do it in the shower when they are slippery and silky. I love the way they feel in my hands, the weight of them and the way they jiggle. They are one of my favorite parts my body. And of course, once I've done my own exam, I normally have to see if my clit is any different than the previous time I masturbated.

And of course, you can always have someone else help out ;)

So help save the ta-tas and perform your exams every month! It really is a lot of fun!

And if you need a little lubrication The Save the TaTas organization has the perfect product for you!

And if you watch the video, you do see that spanking was mentioned somewhere in this post ;)



Going Green

Need an economical and environmentally friendly way to stay warm on those cold nights?

Try the NEW (patent pending, of course)FIERY KEISTER HEATER!

Not only is it available to anyone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week... IT'S FREE!!

The instructions are simple:

1) Give a good spanking to the lovely ass in your life ;)
2) Crawl under some cozy covers
3) Spoon
4) Enjoy that free warmth!

And when you start to get cold again just repeat and repeat and repeat.

I doubt you get a single complaint out of the lucky reciepent.

*DISCLAIMER: Not a real product ;)*

(Charles Glass photo credit)


Most Deserved Spanking of the Week

Katy Perry

She appeared on Sesame Street in a less than appropriate dress. Yes, it is tame for her but still, this is a show aimed towards children between the ages of a few months to 6.

Here is the video. Notice the short hem and low neckline:

Friendly Fire

Pink posted about this before and her words were more eloquent than mine will be I'm sure but...

Don't you hate it when you are with your vanilla friends and they do one of two things: smack you on your ass or bring up spanking and want you to join the conversation??

I am a very outspoken individual who is not very shy about sexual preferences nor do I keep many secrets but the second anyone talks about spanking I am as tight lipped as a southern Republican grandmother who hears the word "vagina". They get in groups and begin to discuss who was spanked and who wasn't. Then they start with war stories:

"One time, I got it so good that I couldn't sit for a week"
"That's nothing, my momma used to make me cut my switch out front where any neighbor could see"
and (my personal favorite)
"The second I heard the belt coming out of the loops, I knew, I just knew, that I wasn't going to be sittin' pretty anytime soon".

Then they say, "Ty, what about you?"

That is when the red flush starts in my cheeks and I get nervous and start to stammer:
"I was, uh, well, never really, you know, spanked as a kid."

Normally after this statement, I'm left alone. But then, like clockwork, the joking starts. Someone will start smacking somebody's ass, the cameras come out, people start laughing, the boys start drinking and licking their lips, and I get wet. Especially, when someone comes up and gives me a spank. They laugh it off but I relish in it. And it is N-O-T fair.

Why, oh why, do they do it? Why can't I join in without getting sweaty palms and a flushed face? I would love to join in and laugh and jest but I can't.

Is it because I know that at home Owen has a very varied arsenal designed to turn my ass Ferrari red? And that if he finds that I can laugh about it, maybe he should start doing it harder? Or am I just deathly afraid that they will find out my secret? I'm not entirely sure. But I do know one thing:

It sucks.


Most Deserved Spanking of the Week

Paris Hilton.

She kept lying about her drug involvement. First, she said that she didn't know anything about the drugs, that she didn't know they were in her bag. Then, she said that she thought it was gum. Now, she has accepted a plea bargain!

She deserves two spankings:

1) drugs
2) lying about said drugs


Ohh the things we do...

SO... Tonight, I asked for a spanking. I really wanted/needed one. I texted Owen while I was at work and asked if he would and of course, he happily said yes. I was sooo excited to get home and have his hands on my ass, spanking away. It started out sexy and erotic. He had me bent over a chair with my back perfectly arched and was being very thorough. It was amazing.

But alas, dear readers, the good times had to end whenever I decided I wanted to stomp my feet. He tried to stop me so what did I do?? Oh yes... you guessed it!! I stomped right on his foot and asked why I couldn't stomp my feet? TWICE! with my voice raised.

Owen 1 Ty 0

I'm sure you know how the story ends but let me tell you anyway. He immediately ceased all action and stood there. I could hear his heavy breathing of frustration and knew I was in for it. So like a good little lady, I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

I thought maybe he was going to just walk and say he was done but no, he grabbed the belt and gave me FIVE excruciatingly painful licks (as he calls them) and I was down on my knees with tears welling in my eyes. He came down to my level and I apologized.

Thankfully, all was forgiven.

And this is what my ass looked like after:

Did I deserve it? Hell yes. Did I learn a lesson? Of course. Will I act defiant and immature again? Probably.

One day, hopefully, I'll learn!